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ATV, UTV, & Snowmobile Insurance

Your off-road insurance should be simple and affordable so you can enjoy the Wisconsin outdoors with the ones you love.

Car Insurance

Finding the right car insurance at affordable prices doesn’t have to be a stroke of good luck. We make it easy to shop and compare Wisconsin auto insurance and rates in one convenient location.

Condo Insurance

Condo fees include insurance coverage for shared spaces like hallways, elevators, the pool, and other publicly accessed areas. Condo fees don’t cover your personal belongings or your unit. Let us find the best private coverage to give you peace of mind.

Boat Insurance

A boat is a reward for all your hard work and the lifestyle it affords deserves to be safeguarded. Whether it’s protection for the vessel, your passengers, or other enthusiasts you encounter, our coverage is like a life preserver for your adventures on the Wisconsin waves.


Farm Insurance

Farming is a way of life and a job that is increasingly difficult.  Land, equipment, and animals can disappear with the next change of weather. You know the risks better than anyone and we know how much everyone depends on your efforts.  Let us partner with you to protect the life you’ve chosen.

Flood Insurance

Living in a flood plain isn’t the sole reason to have flood insurance. This is a specific type of insurance for a specific type of disaster – one that can be devastating. We can do a complete analysis to find out if Flood Insurance is essential for you.

Home Insurance

A home is typically the biggest investment people ever make. Our policies and recommendations are designed to protect both your financial future and your way of life. Having the right homeowners insurance isn’t for expecting a disaster – it’s preparing for one.

Life Insurance

Life insurance establishes greater financial freedom and financial security. Let us help you define the coverage you need to protect your family and your future.

Motorcycle Insurance

The open road on two wheels is the definition of freedom. That freedom can be enhanced with the security of knowing that your bike, your passengers, and you are covered with a custom policy. We minimize your risk and so you can maximize time on the open road.

Renters Insurance

Renter’s insurance isn’t just about covering your belongings – it’s also about having your back in the event of an accident or incident that could cause widespread damage. With affordable and competitive rates from one of Wisconsin’s leading renter insurers, we make sure the consequences of a pan left on the stove too long or water left running doesn’t follow you for the rest of your life.

RV & Camper Insurance

Whether you spend a couple of weeks a year on the road or plan to enjoy the entire summer seeing the countryside, you can breathe easy knowing your RV, belongings, and future are covered.

Umbrella Insurance

An umbrella policy is today’s shield against potential litigation. It’s coverage for all your interests and assets. Anyone can file a lawsuit for almost any reason, but a solid umbrella policy is the first line of defense for your present and future.


Phone | 920-623-9305

Email |

Fax | 920-623-9526

Address| 137 W Mill St. Columbus, WI 53925

Hours | Monday-Friday: 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM | Saturday and Evenings: by Appointment